What to Do When Liposuction Goes Wrong

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Liposuction is one of those things that you consider having done for years, so when that time finally comes, if your expectation of a flawless execution didn't come true, rest assured there is something you can do when liposuction goes bad. There are options.:

A meeting with your surgeon before surgery is one of the most important things you can do to be fully informed of all potential side effects and risks of having liposuction performed. Going into it, you should have already had a discussion with the doctor about things including what can go wrong, how they have handled such cases in the past, the number of procedure gone awry in their office. You can do some research on your own.

If you are unfortunate to be one of those people with a less-than-desirable result, you need to know what to do next.

One of the very first indications of something having gone wrong is if you are in pain. Contact your doctor to manage the pain. Once you have that under control, try to ascertain the reason for the pain you are experiencing. Is it just that you take longer than average to heal from surgeries? Since every person is different, it could merely be that you going through the normal process that comes after-surgery. Sometimes things just don't feel right and if, after surgery, you feel like there may be something wrong, get in to see your surgeon immediately. He or she will most likely be familiar with your reaction to the procedure and will be able to offer some ways to set things right.

If there is a post-liposuction problem that needs attention, your first port of call should be the cosmetic surgeon at the liposuction center where you had your procedure. But what if you are not happy about their handling of the problem at hand? Then you probably need to contact a liposuction correction specialist in your area. Make sure you thoroughly research the background, track record and experience of the practice you decide on. In theory, it would make sense to return to the original doctor who performed your surgery however in reality the stigma associated with the negative experience can leave the patient feeling insecure and uncertain to return to the same place.

When you signed on the dotted line saying you understand the risks of complications in surgery, you realized that the chance of it happening was rare. So in the cases where something has gone wrong, as long as you are ready with a plan to handle the situation, you will most likely be able to reverse the damage done. Even though liposuction goes bad sometimes, almost always there is a solution.

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What to Do When Liposuction Goes Wrong

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This article was published on 2010/11/13