What Is Laser Liposuction?

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You may be someone who made a New Year's resolution to drop some unwanted weight. It is very easy to let the weight creep up on us, especially as we reach the middle-aged years but through diet and exercise many have found some relief from those extra pounds. However, even if you have reached your goal weight, you may still have some extra lumps and bulges around the belly, waist, back, bottom and thighs that will not go away. Part of this may be genetics. You are built in certain respects like your parents, so if your parents had extra fat in these common areas you may have it too due to heredity. However, there is help from your dermatologist in Long Beach who can offer you laser liposuction in Long Beach. For those who eat properly and exercise regularly but just cannot get rid of those last extra bits of fat, liposuction in Long Beach may be just what you are looking for to attain the sleek and trim you in this New Year.

After using a local anesthetic, your dermatologist will make incisions in the areas where you want fat cells removed on your body. After this, a cannula is inserted and the fat cells are selectively removed in order to give you the shape you desire through the use of liposuction. Long Beach dermatologists also offer laser liposuction, which gives the patient several benefits over traditional liposuction.

One of the problems with traditional procedures for liposuction is that after the fat cells are removed, chances are you will be left with skin in that spot that sags since the fat that was supporting the skin was removed. This means another surgery to tighten up that excess skin. In this regard, there is a big advantage to using laser liposuction. Long Beach surgeons will inform you that through the use of a laser during the procedure, collagen production is enhanced in that area, which helps to improve the skin's elasticity and you may not need a second surgery.

Another issue is if you are working, you will need to plan to take time off for the recovery period needed for traditional liposuction surgery. With laser liposuction, you can expect to resume your normal daily activities within approximately two days. Through the use of the laser in liposuction, there are fewer bruises and less blood around the wounds, which helps to speed your healing after surgery. In addition, the surgeon can use much smaller incisions with a laser treatment than what would be needed for traditional liposuction, thus helping to speed your healing afterward as well.

Please contact a dermatologist to find out more about laser liposuction in Long Beach.
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What Is Laser Liposuction?

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This article was published on 2011/02/04