What is Knee Liposuction?

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Knee liposuction may not be as popular as abdominal liposuction, thigh liposuction or leg liposuction. However, this type of liposuction is existing and in fact, there are already many people who have gone through this procedure. Just like any types of liposuction, this one aims to remove fatty parts in the knee part. Knee liposuction however is more cautiously done because the part is sensitive considering its role in keeping the balance of a person. It tends to be more expensive too when compared to other kinds of liposuction. People who give ample attention on how their knees look like end up going through this procedure. They do not want to be limited on the dress that they can wear as well to the activities which they can otherwise enjoy.

Knee liposuction can be done in a surgical and non-surgical method. In the former, the traditional way of removing fats is done. The patient gets diagnosed, given an anesthesia and then laid down in the surgical bed. The latter on the other hand is less risky process where knee liposuction is done by using tumescent lipo. In this method, liquid is used to flush out the fatty cells in the knee. This can give uncomfortable feeling but it seems to have lesser side effects and requires lesser period of recovery time. Both however may have or may have not implications on one's health. This depends largely on how the surgery is performed and how effective the tumescent lipo is.

However, before one goes through knee liposuction, careful diagnosis by the surgeon must be done. As already mentioned, this type of procedure is a crucial one. Our body depends much on the knee for balancing as well as carrying our weight. Wrong procedural steps may result to complications. Knee liposuction must be done by licensed surgeons only of course.

After the knee liposuction, it is natural that the patient feels strain in the area affected. Recovery time may run from one month or longer than that. Bruising, swelling and pain may be felt in the knee part but if post liposuction treatments are done, then this condition can slowly fade away in 7 to ten days. Getting plenty or rest and proper diet can contribute on the fast recovery of a patient of liposuction. To avoid being stressed out, a wheelchair can be utilized for the purpose of moving around without putting pressure on the knees.

In a tumescent knee liposuction, the risk lies when the fluid that drains from the incision area can expose the area to bacteria. That is why keeping it clean and sterile can avoid complications. Replacing the bandage regularly (if you are using one) is also a helpful way to avoid complications too. Discussing the available medicines to relieve discomfort after the operation can be done with the physician. Although it is true that such risks are available, the results of knee liposuction can be satisfying too as the knee can look slimmer and in shape. 

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What is Knee Liposuction?

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This article was published on 2011/08/16