Recovering from Liposuction

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Recovering from liposuction surgery depends on a variety of factors such as the area treated, your physical condition, your body's natural ability to heal, and the methods used by your cosmetic surgeon to perform the surgery. For normal, healthy adults, this process can last from a few short weeks to almost six months.

1-14 Days Following Your Liposuction

For the first few weeks, you may experience mild to moderate pain around the surgical area. Your doctor will be able to prescribe pain medications to help you deal with the discomfort. During this time you may also experience:

  • Swelling, bruising, or numbness around the surgical area
  • Medical fluid drainage from the surgical area
  • General fatigue and weariness

Your doctor should supply you with compression garments to assist with the swelling. It is recommended that you forgo strenuous physical activity within the first few weeks to allow your body adequate time to heal. Most people are able to resume normal functions like work and mild exercise within 10-14 days.

Two Weeks to Six Months Following Your Liposuction

In the weeks that follow, your body will start to permanently heal from your liposuction surgery. Swelling generally subsides within the first month, though your doctor may recommend you continue to wear compression garments to assist in maintaining your desired shape. Follow-up appointments are often required by your doctor to ensure everything is healing in the most desirable manner.

Your liposuction results will be permanent and fully noticeable after six months but optimal results depend greatly on your lifestyle choices after your surgery. Maintaining a proper diet and implementing a daily exercise routine will go a long way in keeping your body healthy and trim for years to come.

If you have excessive skin around the surgical area after six months, your doctor may recommended a complimentary surgery like a tummy tuck to restore your body to its most beautiful state. A good cosmetic surgeon will discuss the potential for additional necessary surgeries with you prior to your liposuction. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision about what you need and your ultimate desires for your body.


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Recovering from Liposuction

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This article was published on 2010/11/18