Liposuction, is it safe?

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Prior to subjecting yourself to the procedure, be honest to your surgeon. Disclose your medical history, current condition, medications and other things that your surgeon ought to know whether you’re a good candidate for liposuction. Based from this information, the surgeon should be able to easily determine if you’re a good candidate for the operation. Plus, make sure that he is properly trained and skilled to perform the surgery. You can check his certifications and verify the testimonials of his previous clients. You can also request for the pictures of previous customers who underwent liposuction. My friend Dani deliberately requested for the pictures of the previous clients before she underwent liposuction in the Philippines. Your willingness to adhere to the post-operative protocol will also be another factor. According to studies, clients who observe post operative care closely significantly reduce risks. Make it a point to attend your post-operative appointment with your cosmetic surgeon.


You could also research the latest trend in liposuction abroad and see if there's lesser risk. In Maryland USA for instance, a dermatologist offers liposelection which is a new fat removal method that reduces trauma to surrounding tissue, allowing for rapid recovery (days, not weeks often encountered by traditional liposuction patients).

Avoid undergoing multiple unrelated surgical procedures as this may cause complications. Resist the temptation to maximize the volume of fat removed on a single day. Don’t be a cheapskate. It may be costly but in the long run you’ll appreciate the effect and be thankful that you have evaded the risk of bleeding. When contemplating whether to use general or local anaesthesia, pick the latter. Studies show that local anaesthesia is the safer between the two.


Be prepared emotionally and physically. Put your mind and body into it for faster recovery. Remember that you should do it because you believe that once you look good, you’ll feel good. Not because someone is coercing you do it. Or just to please other people. Brace yourself with the outcome and be reminded that there could be some complications.

Be realistic with your expectations. Hence it is important that you communicate well with your surgeon. In this way, you’ll have no regrets and you’ll be fully satisfied with the outcome. Don’t think that because you’re undergoing liposuction, you’ll be able to achieve a perfect shape in a blink of an eye. Along with liposuction, you still have to observe proper diet and exercise.



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Liposuction, is it safe?

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Liposuction, is it safe?

This article was published on 2011/05/21